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It is a joy to be hidden
and a disaster not to be found.

Logo Mathieu Ficheroux wit


Concept Gallery Ficheroux curates a large collection of paintings and drawings and a number of light objects by Rotterdam based artist Mathieu Ficheroux (1926-2003). Part of this collection will be donated by ‘Stichting De Illusie’ (a foundation) chaired by Axel Lemmens, director Art The Hague. The main goal of the foundation is to maintain and further the public’s interest in Ficheroux. Part of the collection will be preserved for the city of Rotterdam, the birth place of Ficheroux. A number of pieces will be put on sale by Concept Gallery Ficheroux.

Ficheroux is one of the most prominent Dutch artists from the second half of the twentieth century. He was a gifted painter and a brilliant sketch artist who made a name for himself in his city of residence, Rotterdam and beyond. Especially his sculptures and monumental installations made an impression. Highlights of his large body of work are the abstract expressionist paintings from the 60s, the ‘damaged’ paintings from the 70s and the line drawings from the 80s.